AI Connected Platform™
University Programs

QueSSence University Programs for Students, Researchers and Educators

For Students

QueSSence™ platform combines the best of Artificial Intelligence and IoT worlds to provide Students with a comprehensive platform to rapidly learn and develop AI applications. The platform comes with AI libraries, use cases and cloud for learning and building AI applications. Students can exchange their ideas via user forums and access the learning materials, such as, educational videos and tutorials.

For Researchers

To accelerate your research in AI, QueSSence provides hardware, firmware, AI based advanced Algorithmic Libraries and software platform. We also collaborate with academics and industry professionals to take forward the promising ideas and validate them into technology which is transferred into engineering teams, or released to the wider ecosystem. The platform can be adapted to study many of the open research problems such as edge intelligence, ultra-low power AI algorithm optimization and intelligent IoT apps.

For Educators

To help and assist faculty members in discovering the latest technology from AI and IoT ecosystem, QueSSence University Programs is the perfect platform that provides the complete range of courseware in the areas of AI and IoT subjects, using which Faculty can easily learn and further, train students.

QueSSence offers periodic workshops to train faculty members in AI technologies. Bulk discounts are available to educational institutions who wish to use QueSSence as a training platform.

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