After registration one has to follow the following steps to work with application. Steps to be followed

  1.  Quick Wizard: This is the initial step where you have to enroll your device with secure connection and configure required sensors. This process will enroll your device in the cloud and establish a secure connection to communicate with the cloud.
  2.  After this initial step you can choose to create a Widget in the dashboard or else you can create a rule by navigating to Rule pane.
  3.  Dashboard: Here you can create a widget with required sensor information, Where the live sensor information will be plotted on the graph.
  4.  Rule: You can create a rule where you will receive a corresponding action based on your condition you had choose.

We have two other modules Instances and storage Device. Instance page is used to list of devices enrolled and the details of sensor value which we have configured while enrollment process. Storage Device is used to storage any files to use it further.

Web Application

The Menu bar present at the left navigation pane of the application screen includes the following modules: