Error Codes

This section explains error codes for different commands.

Error Codes (in

hexadecimal format)


Error Codes (in

hexadecimal format)


0x0002 Scan command issued while module is already associated with an Access Point
0x0003 No AP found

Wrong PSK is issued while the module client tries to join an Access Point with

WEP security enabled

0x0005 Invalid band
0x0006 Association not done or in unassociated state
0x0008 Deauthentication received from AP
0x0009 Failed to associate to Access Point during "Join"
0x000A Invalid channel

1. Authentication failure during "Join"

2. Unable to find AP during join which was found during scan.

0x000F Missed beacon from AP during join
0x0013 Non-existent MAC address supplied in "Disassociate" command
0x0014 Wi-Fi Direct or EAP configuration is not done
0x0015 Memory allocation failed or Store configuration check sum failed
0x0016 Information is wrong or insufficient in Join command

Push button command given before the expiry of previous push button



1. Access Point not found

2. Rejoin failure

0x001A Frequency not supported
0x001C EAP configuration failed
0x001D P2P configuration failed
0x001E Unable to start Group Owner negotiation
0x0020 Unable to join
0x0021 Command given in incorrect state
0x0022 Query GO parameters issued in incorrect operating mode
0x0023 Unable to form Access Point
0x0024 Wrong Scan input parameters supplied to "Scan" command
0x0025 Command issued during re-join in progress
0x0026 Wrong parameters the command request
0x0028 PSK length less than 8 bytes or more than 63 bytes
0x0029 Failed to clear or to set the Enterprise Certificate (Set Certificate)
0x002A Group Owner negotiation failed in Wi-Fi Direct mode

Association between nodes failed in Wi-Fi Direct mode/ WPS Failed due to



If a command is issued by the Host when the module is internally executing

auto-join or auto-create

0x002D WEP key is of wrong length
0x002E ICMP request timeout error
0x002F ICMP data size exceeds maximum limit
0x0030 Send data packet exceeded the limit or length that is mentioned
0x0031 ARP Cache entry not found
0x0032 UART command timeout happened
0x0033 Fixed data rate is not supported by connecting AP
0x0037 Wrong WPS PIN
0x0038 Wrong WPS PIN length
0x0039 Wrong PMK length
0x003a SSID not present for PMK generation
0x003b SSID incorrect for PMK generation(more than 34 bytes)
0x003C Band not supported
0x003D User store configuration invalid length

Error in length of the command(Excceds number of characters is mentioned in

the PRM)

0x003F Data packet dropped
0x0040 WEP key not given
0x0041 Wrong PSK length
0x0042 PSK or PMK not given
0x0043 Security mode given in join command is invalid
0x0044 Beacon misscount reaches max beacon miss count(Deauth due to beacon miss)

Deauth received from supplicant

0x0046 Deauth received from AP after channel switching
0x0047 Synchronization missed
0x0048 Authentication timeout occurred
0x0049 Association timeout
0x004A BG scan in given channels is not allowed
0x004B Scanned SSID and SSID given in Join are not matching
0x004C Given number of clients exceeded max number of stations supported
0x004D Given HT capabilities are not supported
0x004E Uart Flow control not supported
0x004F ZB/BT/BLE packet received and protocol is not enabled
0x0050 Parameters error
0x0051 Invalid RF current mode
0x0052 Power save support is not present for a given interface
0x0053 Concurrent AP in connected state
0x0054 Connected AP or Station channel mismatch
0x0055 IAP co processor error
0x0056 WPS not supported in current operating mode
0x0057 Concurrent AP has not same channel as connected station channel
0x0058 PBC session overlap error
0x005A 4/4 confirmation of 4 way handshake failed

Concurrent mode, both AP and Client should UP, to enable configuration

0x005B MAC address not present in MAC based join
0x00B1 Memory Error: No memory available
0x00B2 Invalid characters in JSON object
0x00B3 Update Commands: No such key found
0x00B4 No such file found: Re-check filename
0x00B5 No corresponding webpage exists with same filename
0x00B6 Space unavailable for new file
0x00C1 Invalid input data, Re-check filename, lengths etc
0x00C2 Space unavailable for new file
0x00C3 Existing file overwrite: Exceeds size of previous file. Use erase and try again
0x00C4 No such file found. Re-check filename
0x00C5 Memory Error: No memory available
0x00C6 Received more webpage data than the total length initially specified
0x00C7 Error in set region command
0x00C8 Webpage current chunk length is incorrect
0x00CA Error in Ap set region command
0X00CB Error in AP set region command parameters
0x00CC Region code not supported
0x00CD Error in extracting country region from beacon
0x00CE Module does not have selected region support
0x00D1 SSL Context Create Failed
0x00D2 SSL Handshake Failed. Socket will be closed
0x00D3 SSL Max sockets reached. Or FTP client is not connected
0x00D4 Cipher set failure
0x00F1 HTTP credentials maximum length exceeded
0x0100 SNMP internal error
0x0104 SNMP invalid IP protocol error
0xBB01 No data received or receive time out
0xBB0A Invalid SNTP server address
0xBB0B SNTP client not started

SNTP server not available, Client will not get any time update service from

current server

0xBB15 SNTP server authentication failed
0xBB0E Internal error
0xBB16 Entry not found for multicast IP address
0xBB17 No more entries found for multicast
0xBB21 IP address error
0xBB22 Socket already bound
0xBB23 Port not available
0xBB27 Socket is not created
0xBB29 ICMP request failed
0xBB33 Maximum listen sockets reached
0xBB34 DHCP duplicate listen
0xBB35 Port Not in close state
0xBB36 Socket is closed or in process of closing
0xBB37 Process in progress
0xBB38 Trying to connect non-existenting TCP server socket

Error in length of the command(Excceds number of characters is

mentioned in the PRM)

0xBB42 Socket is still bound
0xBB45 No free port
0xBB46 Invalid port
0xBB4B Feature not supported

Socket is not in connected state. Disconnected from server.

In case of FTP, user need to give destroy command after receiving this error

0xBB87 POP3 session creation failed/ POP3 session got terminated
0xBB9C DHCPv6 Handshake failure
0xBB9D DHCP invalid IP response
0xBBA0 SMTP Authentication error
0xBBA1 No DNS server was specified, SMTP over size mail data
0xBBA2 SMTP invalid server reply
0xBBA3 DNS query failed, SMTP internal error
0xBBA4 Bad DNS address, SMTP server error code received
0xBBA5 SMTP invalid parameters
0xBBA6 SMTP packet allocation failed
0xBBA7 SMTP GREET reply failed
0xBBA8 Parameter error, SMTP Hello reply error
0xBBA9 SMTP mail reply error
0xBBAA SMTP RCPT reply error
0xBBAB 0xBBA1 Empty DNS server list, SMTP message reply errorNo DNS server was specified
0xBBAC 0xBBA3 SMTP data reply errorDNS query failed
0xBBAD 0xBBA4 SMTP authentication reply errorBad DNS address
0xBBAE 0xBBA8 SMTP server error replyParameter error
0xBBAF 0xBBAB DNS duplicate entry.Empty DNS server list
0xBBB1 0xBBAF SMTP oversize server replyDNS duplicate entry
0xBBB2 SMTP client not initialized
0xBBB3 DNS IPv6 not suported
0xBBC5 Invalid mail index for POP3 mail retrieve command
0xBBD2 SSL handshake failed
0xBBD3 FTP client is not connected or disconnected with the FTP server
0xBBD4 FTP client is not disconnected
0xBBD5 FTP file is not opened

SSL handshake timeout or

FTP file is not closed

0xBBD9 Expected [1XX response from FTP server but not received
0xBBDA Expected [2XX response from FTP server but not received
0xBBDB Expected [22X response from FTP server but not received
0xBBDC Expected [23X response from FTP server but not received
0xBBDD Expected [3XX response from FTP server but not received
0xBBDE Expected [33X response from FTP server but not received
0xBBE1 HTTP Timeout
0xBBE2 HTTP Failed
0xBBE7 HTTP Timeout for HTTP PUT client
0xBBEB Authentication Error
0xBBED Invalid packet length, content length and received data length is mismatching
0xBBEF Server responds before HTTP client request is complete
0xBBF0 HTTP/HTTPS password is too long
0xBBFF POP3 error for invalid mail index

Listening TCP socket in module is not connected to the remote peer, or the LTCP

socket is not yet opened in the module

0xFFFB Cannot create IP in same interface in concurrent mode

Sockets not available. The error comes if the Host tries to open more than 10


0xFFFC IP configuration failed
0xFFF7 Byte stuffing error in AT mode

1. Invalid command (e.g. parameters insufficient or invalid in the


Invalid operation (e.g. power save command with the same mode given twice, accessing wrong socket, creating more than allowed

sockets )

0XFFFA TCP socket is not connected
0xFFC5 Station count exceeded max station supported
0xFFC4 Unable to send tcp data
0xFFBC Socket buffer too small
0xFFBB Invalid content in the DNS response to the DNS Resolution query
0xFFBA DNS Class error in the response to the DNS Resolution query
0xFFB8 DNS count error in the response to the DNS Resolution query
0xFFB7 DNS Return Code error in the response to the DNS Resolution query
0xFFB6 DNS Opcode error in the response to the DNS Resolution query
0xFFB5 DNS ID mismatch between DNS Resolution request and response
0xFFAB Invalid input to the DNS Resolution query
0xFF42 DNS response was timed out
0xFFA1 ARP request failure
0xFF9D DHCP lease time expired
0xFF9C DHCP handshake failure
0xFF88 This error is issued when Websocket creation failed

This error is issued when module tried to connect to a non-existent TCP server

socket on the remote side


This error is issued when tried to close non-existent socket.


invalid socket descriptor

0xFF85 Invalid socket parameters
0xFF82 Feature not supported
0xFF81 Socket already open
0xFF80 Attempt to open more than the maximum allowed number of sockets
0XFF7E Data length exceeds mss
0xFF74 Feature not enabled
0xFF73 DHCP server not set in AP mode
0xFF71 Error in AP set region command parameters
0xFF70 SSL not supported
0xFF6F JSON not supported
0xFF6E Invalid operating mode
0xFF6D Invalid socket configuration parameters
0xFF6C Web socket creation timeout
0xFF6B Parameter maximum allowed value is exceeded
0xFF6A Socket read timeout
0xFF69 Invalid command in sequence
0xFF42 DNS response timed out
0xFF41 HTTP socket creation failed

TCP socket close command is issued before getting the response of the previous close command


Wait On Host feature not enabled

0xFF35 Store configuration checksum validation failed
0xFF33 TCP keep alive timed out
0xFF2D TCP ACK failed for TCP SYN-ACK
0xFF2C Memory limit exceeded in a given operating mode
0xFF2A Memory limit exceeded in operating mode during auto join/create
0xCC2F PUF Operation is blocked
0xCC31 PUF Activation code invalid
0xCC32 PUF input parameters invalid
0xCC33 PUF in error state
0XCC34 PUF Operation not allowed
0XCC35 PUF operation Failed