The below process will guide in registering an account in

In order to get register with QueCloud, navigate as below:

Browse to Google Chrome and access the URL mentioned below:

Figure 1: Login

Click on register button to get redirected to below page(Refer to the below Figure 2: Plan details.). Here you will find the plan details to choose a desired plan.

Figure 2: Plan details

If you are a Student/ You want to go for the trial plan then opt for the student, which has limited features. If you want to access maximum services choose a respective plan based on your needs. After selecting the plan you will be redirected to the below page(Refer to the below Figure 3: Register E-mail).

This page will prompt you to provide username and Email information.

Figure 3: Register E-mail

Enter required details and click on Register button.

A mail will be sent to the registered Email address(Refer to the below Figure 4: E-mail verification)

Figure 4: E-mail verification

Go to your Email and click on the verification link. You will redirect to below page(Figure 5: User registration).

Figure 5: User registration

Enter the required details as stated below

First Name, Last Name, Password, Confirm password, Account name (Organization and College name), Mobile, Captcha,Terms and conditions. After entering all the details click on submit button.

If you had select a student plan. You registration process has completed and you can see message with successful registration.

Else if you had selected other paid plan, Then you will be redirected to a billing page(Refer to the below Figure 6: Credit card details) where credit card details need to be entered. If you have any queries related to billing information. Please contact QueCloud support team at

Figure 6: Credit card details

After entering a valid credit card details you will be redirected to registration success page

Once you are done with the successful registration, you can access the website with the registered credentials.

After login with authenticated credentials, you will be redirected to dashboard page(Refer to the below Figure 6: Dashboard) with a pop-up to enroll the device as shown in below figure.

Figure 7: Dashboard

Once you reached this page you can do device enrollment by clicking on Add Board where you will be navigating to QuickWizard navigation pane or you can close the popup and go to QuickWizard navigation pane manually.

Above process will be redirecting to Quick Wizard page. Follow the Quick Wizard  process which is described below.