Under Quick Wizard module, you need to enroll each and every board you purchase from outside. In order to carry out communication between boards and cloud, first enroll the boards into the system.

Wi-Fi Board

In Wi-Fi board page you will see a list of enrolled boards in "ready to communicate" state with the cloud. In order to enroll a new board, click the "Add Board" button as shown below:

The addition of a board is carried out in three steps:

  1. Enroll
  2. Provisioning
  3. Configuration

Each of the steps is explained below:


Enter the required details in their appropriate fields such as:

  • Product: Enter the name of the product.
  • Board ID: Enter the board ID. Please note the board ID you are entering here should already be registered in the cloud through Manufacturing tool. This is nothing but the board MAC id of the device or the QR code printed on the box.
  • Board Name: Enter the name of the board.

When finished, click "Next". Refer to the image below:


Initially, the color of Provisioning Status will be Blue indicating the board is undergoing Secure Provisioning process in the backend. If the secure provisioning is successful, the color of the status will turn to Green as shown below:

In case, if secure provisioning is unsuccessful, the color of the status will turn to Red as shown below:


When finished, click "Next". You will be directed to "Configuration" tab. Here, you can select any device. Based on your selection, corresponding configuration parameter list will be shown. Configure the necessary sensor and periodicity values for which you would like to monitor the sensor data.

Select any of the QueBytes (extra sensors will be available for QueSSence board) of your choice. Based on your selection, select the sensors. When finished, click Configure. Refer to the image below:

Here, Periodicity means Time Interval (in Seconds), during which the chosen device will be sending sensor data to the cloud.

For example

For q-Accelerometer, you enter 4 seconds. This means every four seconds, the device will be sending sensor values to the cloud.

The second last field is "Units". Choose the appropriate unit for the given sensor from the list.

The last field is N/A which means "Not Applicable". In case, if you check the box present under N/A, the whole row will go in disable mode. When finished, click "Configure" as shown below: