Application Overview

The provisioning application demonstrates how to get UDP echo functionality using Quessence.

Following are the procedure steps

  1. Configure device as Access Point and set IP address
  2. Transmit UDP data from remote side
  3. Device gives UDP echo by transmitting same packet which it received.

  Click here to download the source code for the AP UDP Echo Application

Setup required

  1. Quessence
  2. 32/64-bit PC with minimum 2GB RAM and USB port for power, downloading and debugging software
  3. Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Operating System. It should have the Keil IDE and the CMSIS DAP drivers installed on it. Refer to installation section for download and installation steps.
  4. A windows machine (as a WiFi Station) with any UDP application.

Configure the Application

Use an IDE to edit the ap_udp_echo_tcpipbypass.c file available in the path Ap_udp_echo/Applications to make the following changes

Macro Value Description
This macro refers to the name of Access point .

This macro refers to the channel in which AP would be started

This macro refers to the type of security.

Security types are defined in the below path


This macro refers to the secret key .

This macro refers to the Encryption type of Access Point  to be made.

Encryption modes are defined in below the path




This macro refers to the time delay between two consecutive beacons(units in milliseconds).

Allowed value are integers from 100 to 1000 which are multiples of 100.


This macro is to configure DTIM count to the Access Point.Allowed values are 1 to 255.

This macro is to configure the Device port . This is the TCP local port of the module.
This macro is to configure port number of the remote server.

This macro is to configure Application memory length which is required by the driver


To configure IP address

IP address to be configured to the device should be in long format and in little endian byte order.

Example: 1.To configure “” as IP address,update the macro DEVICE_IP as 0x650AA8C0.

2. To configure “” as Gateway,update the macro  GATEWAY as 0x010AA8C0.

3.To configure “” as network mask,update the macro NETMASK as 0x00FFFFFF 

#define  DEVICE_IP    
#define  GATEWAY      
#define  NETMASK      

A sample configuration is shown in the below snapshot

Update the WLAN Configuration file

Check the following macros of rsi_wlan_config.h file available in the path  Ap_udp_echo/Libraries/Wireless/include

Macro Value



Execute the Application

  1. Connect Quessence to the Windows PC running Keil IDE.
  2. Configure the macros in the files ap_udp_echo_tcpipbypass.c and rsi_wlan_config.h as mentioned above.
  3. Build and launch the application.
  4. After program gets executed, Quessence will be in Access Point mode. Now connect WIFI station to it and assign static IP address in that network of AP.

5.Now open UDP socket available in the path Ap_udp_echo/ on port number REMOTE_PORT to receive data sent by AP and open UDP client socket with port number DEVICE_PORT to send UDP data to AP. and transmit data to Quessence.

6.Send “hii” message from UDP client to UDP server opened in AP and same messages will send back by AP to the UDP server opened on WiFi Station.       

         Please refer the given below image for messages sent by WiFi Station and AP.

7. Quessence receives and transmits same data .