AI Connected Platform™

The intelligent connected QueSSence™ platform helps you create diverse applications in a number of industry segments. The biggest differentiator for the platform comes via its AI MCU and with machine learning library (QueMLib). Users can now add intelligence to their device via QueMLib.

The AI MCU provides accelerated and low power implementation of machine learning algorithms for edge application.A secure cloud (QueCloud) allows users to store data online as well as build applications using web APIs.

With the power of AI , QueSSence™ lets makers to quickly develop products for application in :


Device makers can offer intelligently connected medical devices that can be a detect anomalies and intelligently monitor patients. The data can also be used by medical practitioners via QueCloud, to keep a tab on health statistics and send notifications in case of emergencies.


Users can generate intelligent alerts on the edge using QueSSence in security systems. Any security system can be easily customized, monitored, and managed via QueSSence sensors and wireless communication.


QueSSence can be used to improve the quality and safety of transportation by enabling applications such as smart parking, smart toll, smart street and traffic lights.

Retail and Industrial

QueSSence helps businesses run effectively with new designs of connected equipments and devices that allow remote monitoring and control.


A wide range of consumer appliances can be built using QueSSence that enable modern day man to connect with everything from coffee machine to washing machine.

Smart Energy

Users can build a new generation smart meters that let consumers and service providers to monitor power consumption, connect, or disconnect supply remotely.

Building Automation

QueSSence can be used for smart lighting, smart heating and cooling, smart security systems, smart gas/smoke detectors that lay the foundations of automated buildings mitigating environmental impact.