AI Connected Platform™
Quick start guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions to quickly setup QueSSence and run your first application project that blinks a Tri-color LED.

System requirements
  • QueSSence board.
  • Windows 7/10 (32 bit/ 64 bit) with minimum 2GB RAM and USB port.
  • USB micro-B cable
System setup
  • Download QueSSence installer from here
  • Plug in QueSSence board to PC using USB cable.
  • Run the installer following on screen instructions. This will install drivers and Keil uVision IDE.
  • You should see a directory QueSSence on C:\ drive
  • Go to C:\QueSSence\Utilities. and double click Redpine.RS14100_DFP.1.0.0 file to install device pack.
  • Unplug the board from PC.
Quick start
  • Connect QueSSence board to PC using USB cable.
  • Ensure the board is enumerated as mbed Serial Port in Device Manager -> Ports(COM & LPT).
  • Go to C:\QueSSence\SampleApplications\Triled_V0.1\IDE\Keil
  • Double click on uVision project file TriLed.
  • Go to Projects -> Options for Target. A window pops up on screen.
  • Click Debug -> Settings -> Flash Download -> Add
  • You should see a window pop up with list of programming algorithm binaries.
  • Select RS14100_SF_1MB.FLM from the list and click OK.
  • Click OK on Options for Target window.
  • Build the project from Project -> Build Target to generate a binary.
  • Go to Flash -> Erase and then do Flash -> Download.
  • You should see tri-color LED blinking: Red, Green and Blue.