AI Connected Platform™

QueCloud is an AI Platform to build, deploy, and manage ultra low power edge devices for intelligent IoT applications

QueCloud provides developers everything they need in one place which in turn, accelerates the time to market.


QueCloud provides features such as:

  • Device provisioning
  • Device management
  • Site and Asset management
  • Quick wizard
  • Over-the-Air Updates
  • Event or Anomaly notifications

These features help in easy device creation and instantiations and provide an easy-to-use secure provisioning mechanism for end customers to connect their devices to the Internet.

All communications are fully encrypted using SSL and a public/private key infrastructure that guarantees end-to-end security and data protection which starts at the hardware level, and extends to cloud and device interactions with the ecosystem. It also allows customers to securely aggregate, control, monitor, share and filter data for analysis. It notifies users for any anomalies or events which have get triggered from the Edge device. It helps ensure that the federated data generated by devices and systems, travel securely and safely from the edge to the application software and back-without replacing existing infrastructure.

The QueCloud infrastructure is designed to simplify the development and management of a variety of Intelligent IoT devices by offering Public, Private and Hybrid hosting features.

QueCloud provides flexible deployment options and can run in a variety of modes such as:

  • Public Cloud
  • On-Premise
  • Hybrid environments

QueCloud supports a wide variety of IoT protocols from device to cloud for example MQTT, HTTPS over TLS etc.

QueCloud brings AI capabilities through a uni-fied set of easy to use and open APIs, SDKs, and tools. Application developers can boost productivity by standardizing their AI IoT development using QueCloud, even if they are connecting a device to the cloud, or connecting to other clouds, or accessing normalized data from diverse devices. Unlike other platforms that require multiple distinct products to realize their stated value proposition, QueCloud provides developers everything they need in one place which in turn, accelerates the time to market.

The platform offers a whole suite to build various AI based IoT applications foe various sectors, such as:

  • Smart Home Solutions
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Healthcare

  • Dashboard Widgets
    Users can quickly create, configure, and deploy dashboards widgets to visualize and monitor device data. They notify users about alerts and anomalies which are detected from device to the cloud.
  • Device Management
    Built-in support to manage device configuration, provisioning, status deployments, firmware updates and management. Updates can be rolled out simultaneously to all devices or selectively.
  • Device Connectivity
    A device connectivity layer enables developers to quickly connect devices and communicate data over encrypted connections using industry-standard TLS protocol.
  • Device Provisioning
    A scalable, secure provisioning process provides a certificate to the device identity (Id). This helps Customers (B2C), OEM's to uniquely identify a specific device. It provides flexibility which needs to adapt to the manufacturing and in-field provisioning of individual and enterprise applications.
  • Making all your devices work together
    Collect, store, and aggregate raw and normalized data from any device. Send actions to more devices by acting on data from many diverse devices in real time.
  • Built-in Device Security:
    PUF-based hardware security block provides unique, individual device entities - ensuring that each IoT device can be individually authenticated and software delivered to them cannot run on any other device.
  • Rules Engine: Data Routing and Event Logic
    Rules are a way to trigger device's actions based on messages. QueCloud provides device owners to quickly and intuitively define smart device interactions by setting thresholds and limits with a powerful Rules Engine logic system. Dispatch services, send alerts via SMS, Phone Call, Email, and Tweet when limits have been reached.
  • Business Software Integration
    Leverage third-party integrations like Recurly, Twilio, Twitter and Analytics tools, as well as cloud-based dispatch and data services.
  • SDK's
    Support for server side Java SDK and client side SDK's for Android, iOS and JavaScript for mobile native and Hybrid application development by which OEM's can build their own custom applications using the SDK API's.

To learn more go to QueCloud Guide